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About STN - Who We Are

Who We AreSecodisa Transnational specialises in environmental solutions, engineering, fabrication, erection, industrial plant construction, electro-mechanical installations and outsourcing areas of the chemical, process, food, pharmaceutical, power, oil and gas, refining, and manufacturing industries.

Secodisa Transnational offers a wide range of design and manufacturing services to suit client requirements (e.g., environmental processes, mechanical design, prototypes manufacturing, etc.), ranging from full industrial plant process and design, down to a reduced project scope.

About STN - The Group

The GroupSecodisa Transnational is part of an international business group located in Mexico, with a wealth of experience in engineering, creating added value businesses and enterprise management.

In 2009, The Group made a strategic decision to expand its specialised services by acquiring its European partner technology, considering America as one of the key market locations to manufacture and implement it.

Secodisa Transnational now offers its services through offices in Monterrey (Mexico), Valladolid (Spain), Houston (United States) and London (UK).

About STN - Company Mission

Company MissionTo be known for delivering high quality engineering, manufacturing, R&D and outsourcing services to the global oil and gas, refining, chemical, power and other engineering industries.

Our aim is to grow year by year, by utilising our technological innovation, engineering design and manufacturing expertise to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the global industries of process, food, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical and manufacturing.

We would like to be your valued technology company.

Engineering - Process

ProcessSecodisa Transnational is part of a group of companies specifically associated with industrial research. We have in Spain one of the best research laboratories in the areas of process, biotechnologies and nanotechnology, where we can simulate and construct pilot plants to implement new technologies and processes. Our process engineers are always kept in contact to exchange information and solve our process technical problems.

The company is proud to use its highly qualified process engineers (BSc, MSc & PhD) who are connected to the best technologies available today, via our relationships with the universities and the best research groups in the world.

Engineering - Piping & Ducting

Piping & DuctingWith the extensive experience of its engineers and draughtsmen, Secodisa Transnational can provide full mechanical design and analysis of piping & ducting to all industrial plants.

Secodisa Transnational specialises in the mechanical design of piping & ducting (2D/3D drafting, piping stress analysis, pipe support design, ducting stress analysis, etc.) to the following industries: Petrochemical (offshore and onshore), chemical, power generators, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, etc.

Engineering - Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical EquipmentSecodisa Transnational can provide full mechanical design and analysis of any pressure containment equipment to most national and international codes.

Secodisa Transnational specialises in the mechanical design and production of CAD drawings for pressure vessel, storage tank, heat exchanger and stack design, to the following industries: Petrochemical (offshore and onshore), chemical, power generators, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, etc.

Engineering - Structural & Civil

Structural & CivilSecodisa Transnational's expertise covers structural design and analysis of offshore and onshore structures to most international and national codes. Being also familiar with the latest construction techniques, our engineers can provide full design services to cover foundations and earth retention structures.

Wide design & analysis experience in structures, ranging from smaller frames and skids right up to 5000 tonne weight of steel frames, in the onshore & offshore industries.

Engineering - Instrumentation & Electrical

Instrumentation & ElectricalSecodisa Transnational electrical & instrumentation engineers have the experience and capacity to deliver a design of high quality and efficiency, covering full design of electrical & instrumentation in a wide range of industrial plants, such as petrochemical, chemical, power, utility systems, etc.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in turn key projects and our continuing innovative approach enable us to provide the best technical and economical solutions to our clients.

Engineering - Cost Control & Scheduling

Cost Control & SchedulingSecodisa Transnational engineers can assist you in developing effective measures for your project scheduling and cost control.

Our engineers can assist with project scheduling and the identification of deviations and their causes during the engineering works. Thus, the client can take continuous corrective measures to limit the impact of these deviations on scheduling, budget and resources.

Engineering - Finite Element Analysis

FEASecodisa Transnational has the capability of providing a comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services on equipment & structural components for any industrial plant application.

Capability: Comprehensive equipment components Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of structural & equipment components in the petrochemical, O&G, power generation, pharmaceutical, automotive the general mechanical engineering industries, covering piping, vessels, structural and machine components.

Business Areas - Power

PowerOur engineers have worked and gained experience on projects with different fuel sources e.g., coal, gas, nuclear and renewable energies. STN could therefore provide you broad technology, engineering, fabrication and implementation services.

Renewable Energy: Experience in this area includes the full design of wind farm, biofuel, solar energy, biomass and biogas power plants.

Non-renewable Energy: Our experience covers full design of Cogeneration (CHP) plants and part design of large gas and nuclear power plants.

Business Areas - Oil, Gas & Chemical

Oil, Gas & ChemicalSecodisa Transnational engineers have been working on many projects for major global corporations/companies and are being updated with all the technologies currently in use. The company is therefore continually improving in terms of knowledge and experience gathered during the execution of each project.

Secodisa Transnational uses latest state-of-the-art software and hardware to assist you with your projects and can work under most international or national codes/standards.

Business Areas - Industrial

IndustrialWith the know-how generated by the research projects The Group routinely undertakes, Secodisa Transnational can update and optimise existing technologies for your benefits.

Our current work with companies in the area of process modification, for the improvement of plant performance, exhibits our extensive experience in this field.

Business Areas - Waste Water & Air Pollution Treatment

Waste Water & Air Pollution TreatmentSecodisa Transnational can offer its technology and experience for efficient waste water and air pollution treatment plants without any risk to the environment and society.

Our R&D department is in a continuous process of design and development of new technologies for the elimination or reduction of industrial process pollution.

Currently we are developing a new process generation, sustainable with the environment that is only based on plants and micro-organisms.

Business Areas - R&D

R&DThe Group’s highly respected Laboratory Division provides R&D and technical services and can offer advanced knowledge in sustainable processes and clean energy technologies that can be applied to engineering processes and equipment design in order to increase the performance of your plant/factory.

We have special protected spaces for our research projects and pilot plants, with advanced equipment such as Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, Spectrometer ICP-OES and UV-VIS, FID+ECD Gas Chromatograph, TOC Analyser (with solid and TN modules), Microtox, microbiological analysis equipment, etc.

Technology - Environment

EnvironmentSecodisa Transnational Department offers a technical assistance service in all aspects of environmental issues to its private and public clients within the environment sector.

Process design by developing tailor-made solutions for our clients, based on the application / implementation of BATs or on the design of specific innovative solutions that yields bigger profits.

Equipment development by designing and marketing of water treatment equipment.

Technology - Bioenergy

BioenergySecodisa Transnational Department focuses its activities and specialisation on developing processes and equipment for biochemical transformation of biomass for biofuel production (Bioethanol, Biodiesel, Biogas, etc.).

Feasibility studies, reports and operational plans in reference to initiatives of production/synthesis of biofuels from various crops and biomass waste as well as energy utilisation of these crops.

Secodisa Transnational Department offers custom-made solutions, based on innovative and highly effective processes of synthesis together with energy utilisation of biofuels: Biomass, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Biogas, etc.

Technology - R&D&I

R&D&IThe R&D&I activities have many, although complex, support resources which enable the companies that manage them properly to get technical support and an important economic-financial return on their investments and expenses. In relation to this our Technological Transfer and R&D&I departments provide a wide range of R&D&I management services to public and private clients from all types of sectors.

The R&D department offers project development that is versatile and adapted to the requirements and/or needs of our clients, guaranteeing a total confidentiality in the development work and including multiple options for locations, equipment, human resources, etc.

Manufacturing - Equipment and Structure

Equipment and StructureSTN´s general activity is equipment manufacturing provided to customer specifications in accordance to our Quality System Specifications. Scope is completed with assembling and deassembling activities.

Secodisa Transnational has a workshop certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to have the enough capability, experience, commitment and correct organization, personnel and procedures to fabricate steel equipment, pressure recipients and steel structures with a world-wide quality standards.

Manufacturing - References

ReferencesFor STN each new project is a challenge but also an opportunity to offer all our knowledge. With each new assignment, our team looks for improvement and personal satisfaction of well done work.

Outsourcing - Our Personnel

Our PersonnelTo assist you with your company´s variable workforce needs, STN outsourcing department can provide you with qualified and experienced personnel.

They can be relocated to your company in or near your project office or site (with or without computers and software), regardless of the country, site location or level of risk involved (nothing is too remote or risky for us).

Outsourcing - Options

Typical OptionsSTN works with a cross cultural intelligence strategy to understand our costumers’ needs and to find the human resources from different regions and backgrounds that best fit such needs.

The STN outsourcing department can provide you with qualified and experienced personnel. They can be located in your company or near your project, regardless of the country where you need them.

Outsourcing - Recruitment

RecruitmentST, as part of The Group, believes in highly professional personnel for all disciplines and trades, personnel having either extensive experience, a higher level of education, or both. That’s where our reputation lies and for that, we ensure that all our personnel have the training and the support to be successful and to assist the company in developing and succeeding too.

ST would therefore welcome applications from individuals wishing to join the company, either for work within the company offices, or as part of the outsourcing scheme, whether as permanent staff or on a contract basis.

Outsourcing - Software

softwareSTN’s engineers are specialists in the management of existing software.

The quality of our services goes beyond the standard and conventional.


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